The Comeback Summer by Ali Brady

It’s been dreary and raining here in NYC, so when I was offered the change to review The Comeback Summer by Ali Brady, I jumped at the chance to transport myself to warmer weather with a dash of romance. I was not disappointed.

The sophomore effort by co-writing duo Ali Brady tells the story of Hannah and Libby, struggling to uphold their beloved grandmother’s legacy through her PR firm. When they’re offered a lucrative contract that could save the firm, they eagerly jump at the chance even though it comes with a catch – they must both complete 12-week “Crush Your Comfort Zone” challenge. For Libby, that means feeling more comfortable in her body and completing a rigorous obstacle course race. For Hannah, it’s getting out of her own head and going on 12 first dates.

Obviously, chaos and romance ensue. I loved that Brady made both sisters relatable. Too often in a dual narrative novel I end up skimming through one character’s POV to get to the other but I was delighted by both Hannah’s second chance romance (which isn’t usually my cup of tea) and Libby’s struggle to accept herself and get out of her own way. Each romantic subplot was engaging and charming in its own way, with neither detracting from the other. Overall, a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. Now to continue counting down the days until summer…

*This book is out 5/9. Huge thanks to Berkley and NetGalley for the advanced copy.

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